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Financial Reporting: ASC 718
Financial Reporting: ASC 718

Calculate auditable share-based payment expenses according to US GAAP

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Ledgy's ASC 718 report is a share-based payment expensing report designed with US GAAP in mind. It uses the same foundation as our IFRS 2 expensing report, so please see the IFRS 2 help article to understand how the report works.

Differences to IFRS 2

ASC 718 differs from IFRS 2 in two many ways:

  • Amortization method: IFRS 2 is restricted to the front-loaded ("accelerated") amortization method, whereas under ASC 718 you have a choice between front-loaded and linear ("straight-line"). See here for more more details on these amortization methods.

  • Forfeiture rate: using a forfeiture rate is optional under ASC 718, whereas it is required under IFRS 2. You can elect to ignore the forfeiture rate by setting it to 0%.

There are other differences between the standards in specific scenarios, but currently Ledgy does not cater to any beyond those mentioned above.

Report settings across financial reports

In Ledgy, the report settings for each report are independent, i.e. if you set a different amortization method on the ASC 718 report this will not apply to the IFRS 2 report. The exception is custom accounting, which is shared across the reports.

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