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How do I open an exercise window for stakeholders?
How do I open an exercise window for stakeholders?

You may want to grant the opportunity for your stakeholders to exercise their options.

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The decision to open an exercise window means to offer a stakeholder the right to buy the underlying financial instrument tied to their granted options. It is often set out in the terms of the contract what the code of practice is when an exercise window opens. You can choose to open a window for a selected period of time.

Opening a new exercise window

To open an exercise window on Ledgy:

  1. Go to Equity Plans > Exercising

  2. Click the + Add exercise window in the top right to open up a new exercise period

  3. Choose the relevant groups and stakeholders who will be granted access to the window

  4. Select an Opening date, Closing date and Effective vesting date (if applicable)

    Note: Effective vesting date relates to which date the grants will be vested up until and available to exercise for the current window.

  5. Toggle to notify applicable stakeholders of the window opening and add a note for any additional information you want to provide

To view or edit active exercise windows

You have the flexibility and freedom to change exercise windows at any point if required. It is possible to view active and previously completed windows within Equity Plans > Exercising.

It is possible to edit an existing window through the pen icon on the right-hand side of the equity plan. This will allow you to change any of the fields used to set up the window, e.g. Dates, Stakeholders or notes.

Note: It is made clear whether the exercise window relates to the event of employee offboarding through the 'Offboarding' column. In the event the exercise window was activated as a stakeholder is offboarded, this column would highlight 'Yes'.

See more about how to offboard stakeholders here.

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