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Generating custom reports for external use
Generating custom reports for external use

You can now use our Documents > Reports page to easily create, customize and export your reports

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Types of Reports

Currently, you can create two types of reports:

With Custom Reports, you can generate valuable documents with all the relevant and accurate information you need.

On Ledgy, go to Documents > Reports to open the Reports page. On the top left, you'll see a button for a drop-down menu that allows you to select between the different types of reports.

Once you've selected "Custom", you can input the Start date and End date of the period you need the report.

By clicking on the "Edit view" button, you can then decide what to Group by (e.g. Stakeholder, Pool, Date, Share class, etc.), how you prefer to have the report organized, and add the Visible columns depending on which are the data you want the report to include. Please save the custom grid view for future usage.

Once you've set that up, you'll have a preview of the data in the bottom half of the page, you can click on the green Download button in the top right, and you'll download an Excel file with the information you've selected.

And this is how you can customize and export clean and accurate reports from Ledgy.

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