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In order for stakeholders to see the cap table, you first have to set their access level to "Full cap table". Refer to this article.

What do stakeholders see?

Once you change the access level of the stakeholder, they will see the Cap table as you see it under Ownership > Cap table on the collaborator side.

For privacy reasons, some stakeholder and company details are hidden:

  • Stakeholder addresses

  • Share class liquidation preference

Anonymizing the data

If you wish to share the cap table but hide the names of other stakeholders on the cap table, you can anonymize the stakeholders.

How to anonymize stakeholders?

Go to Company Settings > General > Equity Management Settings > Anonymized stakeholders > and add stakeholders.


Anonymized stakeholders will appear as "anonymous stakeholder #1" to everyone with a "full cap table" view, as well as collaborators with "View" access.

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