Stakeholder access levels

A stakeholder, like a collaborator, can have different levels of information shared with them.

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Access levels

All stakeholder access levels grant the user access to:

  • KPIs, reports, and documents that are specifically shared with them by the company

  • Documents that require their signatures

  • Their personal portfolio information, including the transactions they're involved in and the documents attached to those transactions. In their dashboard, they see the percentage, the number of shares, and the value of their stake according to the latest valuation transaction.

Personal stake

Granting "personal stake" access will allow them to see the information described above.

Full cap table

If a stakeholder is an investor, meaning they don't hold employee plan instruments, they can see the cap table once you give them "Full cap table access"

By granting full cap table access, the stakeholder will see everything described above plus the following:

  • Company cap table data, as seen on the Ownership > Cap table page.

    • For privacy reasons, addresses of other stakeholders are hidden from the cap table.

    • Share class parameters such as liquidation preference are hidden as well.

Read more about sharing cap table data with stakeholders here.

How to change access levels

By default, the access is set to "Personal stake".

To change it, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Stakeholders page

  2. Hover over the name of the stakeholder and click on the 3 dots

  3. Click on Change access level

  4. Select the Portfolio access level, and click on the Change button

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