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πŸ”’ Share Numbers on Ledgy
πŸ”’ Share Numbers on Ledgy

Did you know shares can be numbered? Ledgy offers a hassle-free experience and 100% accurate data.

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Numbered shares are a German equity staple, being mandatory following the Gesellschafterlistenverordnung, but they're also present in other jurisdictions (the Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, etc.).

They're not certificate numbers, but instead, they give each share a specific number, following a sequence that is in chronological order depending on the date of issuance of the share.

In Germany, these Aktiennummern must be recorded in the Aktienregister, and it's often complicated to keep track of hundreds of thousands of numbers during the lifespan of a company. That's why we've created a feature that allows you to organize and manage numbered shares easily.

How to turn on share numbers?

To turn on share numbers on Ledgy, go to Company settings > General. You'll see the voice 'Numbered shares' in the Equity Management Settings section.

Click on the Edit icon in the top right to enter the edit modal and toggle on Numbered shares.

Best practices

We suggest activating numbered shares before adding transactions to Ledgy, so you can make sure you have correct numbers from the get-go. However, activating numbered shares after will fill all existing transactions consistently. You can then edit them if necessary.

As you might know, the continuity of the numbers is essential. That's why Ledgy will validate the sequence of the numbers you added to transactions and report an error if anything is wrong (e.g. holes or overlapping numbers).


We make it easy for you to check and correct the mistake, though! You can click on 'Jump there', and it will take you to the transaction that is incorrect, where you'll be able to edit the share numbers.

Note: Keep in mind you won't be able to publish transactions, nor create scenarios, if there are errors.

Ledgy even suggests the range that might be correct by taking into account the share numbers in question and the available numbers.


If you click 'Autofill', the available range will be selected.


And that's how you set up numbered shares on Ledgy!

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