Set up your cap table based on transactions, gather insights, and model future rounds and exits

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How to bulk import transactions via Ledgy's Excel template?To bulk import all of your convertibles, transfers, share issuances, or employee grants, you can use Ledgy's Excel import function.
Converting share classesIn Ledgy you can convert the share class of a stakeholder to another share class.
How to represent dividends in Ledgy?This article shows you how to make dividend distributions with Ledgy.
Convertible loans
How do I pay out stakeholders?This article explains how to pay off stakeholders.
How to enter a financing round in LedgyThis article explains how to quickly create multiple transactions for a funding round.
How can I transfer shares from one stakeholder to another?Learn in this article how to transfer shares from one stakeholder to another stakeholder.
What transaction types can I add on Ledgy?Let's take a look at all the available Ledgy transactions and what they look like
How do I issue shares?Learn how to create shares in your cap table and what settings you can make.
Decrease sharesSometimes it is necessary to decrease the number of shares. Learn how to reduce the amount of your shares in the cap table.
How can I publish transactions?How to safely publish drafts and notify stakeholders.
How do you create a stock split?In the event you need to facilitate a stock split within your company, this is made very easy to manage within Ledgy.
How do I add valuations? How many valuation types does Ledgy support?Learn how to create a company valuation (using the fair value, 409A, EMI or CSOP principles) and to store the associated data and documents.
Can Ledgy's transactions support multiple currencies?Some investments may be received in foreign currencies. For these transactions, you can specify the currency and exchange rate.
What countries and jurisdictions can Ledgy's transactions support?Ledgy can be used in all countries around the world. Add transactions that are specific to the jurisdiction.
Custom fields for transactionsAdd supplementary info to any transaction: choose to show it to employees, use it on reports, in-app grids, and document templates.