The Ledgy Employee Dashboard

All your grant's details at a glance.

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Our focus on making equity transparent has led us to create a space where employees can see all the data regarding their grants.

Here's a breakdown of our Employee Dashboard:

Your equity

In this section you can see the overall number of grants held as well as their current estimated value. If you hover over the type of the grant (with a dotted underline), you can read more about what it is and how it works.

Equity breakdown


In the Equity breakdown you get the details of your stake. You can see both the numerical amount as well as the grant estimated value, and the details on the vested/unvested grants and the cost to exercise.

If you hold not only equity, but also actual shares (through exercising or investing) you can check the specific quantities.

Vesting & Vesting breakdown

The vesting section shows you the percentage and amount of the grant that has vested already.


In the Vesting breakdown you can see the entire vesting schedule in a colorful graph as well as a shoutout to the next vesting event, whether it's the end of the cliff or a tranche of the grant vesting.

Equity value growth

Our system tracks the increase in the value of equity over time, and it allows you to see the representation of a new company valuation, which in turn affects the estimated grant value. As an optional feature, you can also use our forecasting tool to set up a future scenario and see how that will change the values (taking into account dilution and additional financing rounds).


This is only relevant if an exercise window is open. Reach out to your point of contact within your company to find out more about exercising your options.

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