Intro to Data Room

Use it to manage documents created from templates, as well as uploaded documents. Organise documents into folders for easy collaboration.

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What is the Data Room?

Manage all your documents in Ledgy’s Data Room — including:

  • Transaction and stakeholder documents generated using template workflow automation

  • Uploaded documents (e.g. plan documents) that can be attached to plans, investor updates, etc.

  • Custom folders created in Ledgy

How do I manage documents?

Documents generated using the templating workflow are created and stored in the Data Room - and linked to the relevant transaction. Upload external documents (Word, Excel, PDF, Ppt) to use them on transactions or send to stakeholders in Ledgy.

  • Share: share any document with individual stakeholders and stakeholder groups to make the document available in their portfolio’s ‘Documents’ section

  • Sign: draft signature requests ready to send to stakeholders from the ‘Signatures’ page

  • Connect: easily find the individual transaction or signature request related to the document generated on a transaction.

  • Find: use filters to find documents related to a specific stakeholder, from a given date, and by category of document (e.g plan type)

How do I use folders? I have a lot of documents!

Good news! Use custom folders in the Data Room and sort documents (e.g by stakeholder, or by category) and share them with collaborators via URL link. There is no limit to the number of folders you can create.

Creating & moving documents to a folder

  1. Create a folder

  2. Give the folder a name and optionally, a colour

  3. Filter for documents and move them to the new folder

Sharing a folder

Select the folder and click ‘share’ to generate the folder URL.

Searching across folders

Search for documents globally, regardless of whether they’re sorted into folders. This way, you won’t lose track of documents no matter how many folders you create.

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