Dynamic grant dates

Introducing document templates with automated and reactive variables.

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When a document is created through document templating, it pulls all information from the fields where a variable has been included. E.g. the name of the stakeholder is pulled from an associated grant when {stakeholder.name} is included in the document template.

An example of a regular variable:






Date of the grant

Please refer to our full list of variables here.

What is a dynamic grant date?

A dynamic date or field offers the ability to include a variable in a document that, with certain conditions, will prompt a future change in your Ledgy account.




The grant date of the grant transaction is automatically updated when fully signed by all associated parties

When the Dynamic grant variable is included within a document template and generated on Ledgy with a signature request, the grant date of the grant transaction will automatically update and change the date when all applicable signers have completed the signature. We will not update the grant date in the document.

Example of workflow:

  1. Grant is created with the grant date of 1/1/22.

  2. A document is created through the document templating workflow

  3. The variable {automation:updateGrantDateFromSignature} is included within the document template (this variable is hidden from view when the document is generated).

4. A signature request is also actioned and sent to the stakeholder.

5. All signers complete signature requests by 15/1/22.

6. The grant date of the grant transaction is updated on Ledgy automatically (but not in the document) to 15/1/22.

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