Custom fields can help you:

Adding stakeholder details

Let's assume you would like to create 2 custom fields - for the date of joining the company and the legal entity of the stakeholder.

  1. Go to the Stakeholders page

  2. Select the "Edit" button next to the name of the Stakeholder you would like to add custom fields to

  3. Scroll down and select "Stakeholder custom details"

  4. Click inside the Custom fields window and write the custom field's name. The custom field name should be written without spaces, followed by a colon. After the column, insert the value of the custom field.

    Joined Date: 28.02.2020 
    Legal Entity: UK Subsidiary
  5. Approve your edits by clicking Save.

The custom field entry will be stored in the "Custom fields" column.

You can now search for either the name of the field or its content, by typing the keyword in the search field of the Stakeholder table.

Custom fields as variables

Once the custom field is defined, you can use it as a variable in document templates.

Follow the structure below to enter the information in your template accurately:

General structure: {stakeholder.customField}

Example for the joined date: {stakeholder.Joined Date} ⇒ Result: 28.02.2020

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