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Custom fields for stakeholders
Custom fields for stakeholders
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Ledgy stakeholder custom fields are company-wide fields that you create in Ledgy. They exist on each stakeholder. Now, you can use HR field mappings to sync any field from your HRIS into a Ledgy custom field.

  • Custom fields can be used as variables for document templating, in reports, as grid columns across the app, as “group by” options for your stakeholders in Ledgy, to customise your sync rules, and more.

  • Manage them (create, edit, delete, overview) from the Data Management page

Adding, editing, delete custom fields in Ledgy


How do I add a custom field?

Easy! Simply input the name of the custom field and save it, and watch it appear on each stakeholder in Stakeholders.

Nb. you will need the same field name to then use as a custom field variable, so please do not change it later!

  1. Go to the Company Settings > Data Management page

  2. In the Custom stakeholder fields panel click the "Add custom field" button

  3. Enter the name of your custom field and save it by clicking the checkbox

What do the icons on the custom fields mean?

The icons on Data Management indicate usage on your stakeholders.

  • No icon: this custom field has no values populated on stakeholders.

  • Green tick: this custom field has values populated through manual input (either on the stakeholder in-app, or via bulk excel edit) on stakeholders

  • Link: this custom field’s values are mapped via a HR field mapping

Can I delete the custom fields?

If the custom field is manually populated (it will show a tick in Data Management), it cannot be deleted unless the values are deleted from the stakeholder’s fields first.

If the custom field is linked to a HR field mapping, unlink in the configure screen and then delete the custom field.

How do custom fields appear on stakeholders?


How do I enter custom details for stakeholders?

  1. Go to the Stakeholders page

  2. Select the "Edit" button next to the name of the Stakeholder you would like to add custom stakeholder details

  3. Scroll down to the section "Custom fields" and enter the custom information of the stakeholder

  4. Approve your edits by clicking Save.

You can now search for either the name of the field or its content, by typing the keyword in the search field of the Stakeholder table.

Can I use custom fields as variables?

Once the custom field is defined, you can use it as a variable in document templates.

Follow the structure below to enter the information in your template accurately:

General structure: {stakeholder.customField}

Example for the joined date: {stakeholder.Joined Date} ⇒ Result: 28.02.2020

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