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Using DocuSign for signatures
Using DocuSign for signatures

To use Ledgy’s DocuSign integration, link your DocuSign account and unlock eSignatures, eWitnessing, anchors, signing order, and more.

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Ledgy has partnered with DocuSign!

You can benefit from all features as part of your DocuSign subscription.

These include:

*To use eWitness, please enable this on your DocuSign account. Click here to learn more about witness signing on Ledgy.

Step by step

1. Connect DocuSign account

On Documents, go to Signature > Signature settings to enable your DocuSign account.

  • Below Integrations, click Connect to be directed to the DocuSign portal.

  • Log in using your existing DocuSign account > grant access > return back to Ledgy app

  • Select DocuSign as signature provider

2. Define signature settings on the template before generating new signature requests

  1. On Documents > Templates, either (i) add a new template or (ii) click on a template in the table and hit ‘edit’ to open the edit modal.

  2. Choose who should sign the template (and if stakeholder involved should be a signatory). Choose whether a witness is required per signer, as well as the signing order. Edits made to the Signature settings will apply as the default for new requests. This is the best way to prepare for bulk signature requests. (For more info on witnessing, see FAQ)

In the above example, Albert Hofman will receive an email from DocuSign asking him to sign. Upon completion, the stakeholder for whom the document is generated for will receive an email from DocuSign, asking them to sign — as well as a requirement to specify a witness. Once the witness requirement is fulfilled, only then will Michael Smith receive an email, asking him to sign.

Note: once the invitation has been sent out, it is impossible to edit the signers and the signature type on Ledgy. You can prepare a new request with the automated signature workflow and delete the original signature request and document where necessary.

3. Prepare signature requests

There are multiple ways to prepare signature requests:

Single request

  • Click on an eligible transaction (grant, exercise, share issuance, transfer) where a document is already attached on the Transaction page > Three dots > Prepare signature request

  • If the document is not linked to a transaction, e.g. plan documents or holding confirmations that need signature, you can prepare the document for signature from the Data Room.

Multiple requests

  • Enable the full document templating and signature request toggles at the plan preset level. Then use the bulk import button to upload an excel template with your new transaction data. As the transactions are imported, the plan presets will apply, generating documents and signature requests for each transaction.

Existing signature draft

  • Suppose your signature request has already been drafted and is available on the Signature page. In that case, you can edit the Signature Settings at an individual level by hovering over the document and clicking on the Three dots to Edit.

4. Invite Signer(s) to sign

Click ‘Invite’ per document or ‘Invite all’ to send all signature requests.

  • This invites them to view this document and sign it

  • This does not publish any transactions in draft mode. Only those that are already published will be available on their dashboard.

What happens after the signers are invited?

  • The first signer will receive an email from DocuSign with a link to direct them to DocuSign.

  • If witness signing has been requested, the signer who needs to be witnessed will be prompted within DocuSign to invite a witness of their choice to sign.

  • They can click on the signature placeholder to add their signature.

You can track the signature status

  • On Ledgy: As company collaborators, you can track the signature status on the Signature page. You can customise the columns with the Cog button to the top right corner of the table.

  • On DocuSign: If you have access to the DocuSign account connected to Ledgy, you can also view the status of the envelopes in the DocuSign inbox. As an admin, you can also re-send and correct the envelope when needed.

5. View signed document in the Data Room

  • Once all signatories have signed, the fully signed document will be saved back in Ledgy’s Data Room for the company collaborators.

  • For involved stakeholders, the document will be available within their Ledgy dashboard on the Signatures page.


How do I add the final signature date to the signed document?

DocuSign users can now populate a fully signed PDF document with the final signed date. Steps:

  • Update the template file and add the text anchor: **Final Signatory Date:

  • The final signatory date (the date when the last recipient signs) will be rendered next to the text anchor on the completed document. For example: **Final Signatory Date: 10.19.23

  • Tip: use a light colour for the variable text as this will also appear on the document. To prevent the text from showing on the document, use the same colour as the document background.

Learn more here

Can I set default reminders and expirations?

  • Yes, you can customise these via your DocuSign settings > Reminders and Expiration

How can I ask the stakeholder to sign in a certain place on the document?

  • When preparing the document template in Word format, you can add a text anchor.

  • Stakeholder: **Please Sign Here - {}**. Tip: use a light colour for the anchor text as this will also appear on the document. To prevent the text from showing on the document, use the same colour as the document background.

  • Witness: **Please Sign Here - Witness of {}**

  • Company Signatory: **Please Sign Here - Company Signatory 1**

    • If there is more than one Company Signatory, you can define each of their anchors through the order in which they are added.

  • Company Signatory Witness: **Please Sign Here - Witness of Company Signatory 1**

  • When the document has no text anchor, the signer can drag and drop their signature anywhere on the document.

  • For best formatting, we recommend inputting the anchors within a table in the Word document.

How do I create signature requests in bulk?

  • We offer a document templating and signature request workflow for various transactions. E.g. when accepting an exercise request, you can automatically create an exercise form with the transaction details and prepare the document to be signed. Visit this article for more information.

What is the best way to sign multiple documents e.g. if you are the company signatory?

  • If you have received the invitation to sign multiple documents, after signing your first document via the email link, you can either log in or create a DocuSign account using the email address with which you received the signature invitations. You will then be able to see the multiple envelopes in your DocuSign inbox.

Does the DocuSign account holder have to be a company collaborator on Ledgy?

  • Not necessarily, however, to make most of the DocuSign features available, we would recommend a company collaborator to be able to easily access their DocuSign’s dashboard.

Can I edit the signature settings once the request has been sent?

  • Once the signature request has been sent, it’s no longer possible to edit the signature settings (Company Signatory, Legal quality, Provider and Witness) on Ledgy. Should you need to change the details, please delete the old signature request and create a new one.

  • If you would like to correct the document itself, you would need to log into the DocuSign account connected to Ledgy.

How are the signature requests sent via DocuSign billed?

  • All documents signed via DocuSign will be billed as part of your own DocuSign subscription. To use this feature, you will need to have an existing DocuSign account.

Can we define where the signers or witnesses add text fields?

  • Indeed, we allow placing free text anchors for signers and witnesses!

  • The respective anchor text for this is e.g. **Free Text for - Company Signatory 1** (sticking with the example above). Please note that signers or witnesses can place any text into free text anchors, but they are required to enter some text to complete the signing flow.

  • One free text anchor per signer and witness

  • The stakeholder themselves will still have access to the other DocuSign fields such as unlimited text, checkboxes and date stamp.

Signing with DocuSign doesn't work? Check your default account!

  • If you merged multiple DocuSign accounts into one DocuSign account, check the default account. Please check that your main DocuSign account is the default account.

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