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How to create a Stock Option Grant using document templating?
How to create a Stock Option Grant using document templating?

With its workflow automation features, Ledgy allows you to automatically fill in a Stock Option Grant template with the variables on Ledgy.

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Creating the template

A Stock Option Grant usually contains the stakeholder’s details, the date of the grant, the strike price, the amount exercised, and the vesting schedule.

To create a template that can automatically fill in the information on Ledgy, we can use the following variables:

Stakeholder name:

  • {}

Date of the grant:

  • {date}

Strike price:

  • {currency}

  • {strikePrice}

Amount of shares:

  • {amount}


  • {vesting.duration},

  • {vesting.cliff},

  • {vesting.interval},

  • {vesting.startDate}

If there are more variables in your document template, make sure to have a look at our extensive list of available variables for Ledgy to replace automatically.

A Stock Option Grant template would therefore look something like this:

Using the Template

Once you have created your template, you can use it in Ledgy’s workflow automation:

  1. Upload the template on Ledgy’s Templates page. Then, go to Equity plans > Grants > Add grant > Documents & signatures and use the dropdown to find the Template.

  2. Once you select the template, turn on the toggle for Create documents from templates inside the transaction section. Fill in the rest of the information on the transaction and click Save.

    If you have already created the grant transaction, you can go to the three-dots on the right-hand side of the grant transaction and click Create documents from templates.

  3. Once the transaction is created, the corresponding document will be automatically filled in, formatted to PDF and attached to the grant transaction.

The next step may be to prepare signature requests for the document, learn how, here. If a document is signed on Ledgy, the document attached to the transaction is automatically replaced by the signed document.

*Note: This article and its template document can also be used for Phantom Stock Grants, by specifying “virtual” or “phantom” stock in the document. The rest is relatively the same.

Note: The document size should not exceed 32 MB.

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