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All about how to manage your Ledgy subscription

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Payment methods

The default method of payment for your Ledgy subscription is selected at the moment of setting up your account. If you need to change this, please contact our Support Team via email.

When you add your credit card information, Ledgy will automatically bill the credit card instead of sending an invoice again. If you would like to receive monthly invoices and pay manually, please also contact our Support Team directly.

Edit your billing information

Note: only Collaborators with Owner access can manage the company's billing.

You can find your billing information in Company Settings > General > Billing.


You can keep all your billing details updated by clicking on the Edit icon in the top right corner of the card. This will open a panel where you'll be able to input the email you want invoices to be sent to, as well as toggle on a billing address if it differs from the company address.

The information held on your Ledgy account will regularly update in our billing system.


Bank account

If you've added your bank account information on Ledgy, you can update the details by clicking on the Euro symbol in the Next payment due line.


In the panel that opens, you can input the new bank account details. You'll also be able to see your estimated next bill based on your plan fee and on the number of billable stakeholders. Only stakeholders who hold a stake in your cap table and own diluted shares do we count as billable stakeholders.

Credit card

Similarly, to change your credit card details, within the Billing panel, click on the two circular arrows at the end of the Next payment due line to open the panel that will allow you to insert new credit card information.


Download invoices

You can check your past invoices and download them by clicking on Show in the Past Invoices line. In the panel that opens, you will see the list of all your past invoices and can download them by clicking on each of them.


Cancel subscription

If you want to cancel your subscription, please go to Company Settings > General > Billing, and then you will find the Cancel subscription button.

By cancelling your subscription, you will be on the free launch plan after the end of the current billing cycle.

If you have any issues with your invoices or payments, please contact [email protected].

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