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Manage access with default and custom collaborator roles
Manage access with default and custom collaborator roles
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Introduction to access levels

Access levels are divided into two categories:

  • Stakeholders are users with portfolio access (typically, your investors and employees).

  • Collaborators administer your Ledgy account through default (Owner, Admin, Viewer) or custom roles.

  • The number of collaborators and stakeholders with portfolio access varies depending on your subscription plan. You can find more details in Company Settings > General.

What are the Owner, Admin, and Viewer collaborator roles?

On Ledgy, you can add and manage your collaborators in Company Settings > Collaborators.

When you invite new collaborators, we have designed three default roles to help your team manage their access easily.

  • Owners:
    ​Read and Write access to all stakeholder information and transactions, can Publish transactions (making them visible to invited stakeholders), and administer Company Settings. Typically, this is assigned to Founders and Heads of Departments.

  • Admins:
    ​Read and Write access to all stakeholder information and transactions, but cannot Publish transactions. This allows for a four-eye data check before an Owner publishes any transaction updates.

  • Viewers:
    ​Read-only access to all information yet to be published. This allows for an external auditor or lawyer to review draft transactions before they are final and published.

Can I add custom collaborator levels to limit the access for certain roles?

Note: This feature is only available on our Enterprise plan.

Absolutely! In Company Settings > Collaborators, you can use Manage roles to create and edit custom roles with granular access levels:

Use case 1: CFO

Would like to have full Read and Write access to all cap table data and the right to manage all Company Settings

🌟 Pro-tip: In Stakeholders (left panel), the stakeholder property "Group" (e.g. Angel, VC, Investor, Employee) can be updated using the Excel bulk edit tool or individually.

This will require the collaborator to have Owner or a custom role with Manage collaborators enabled.

Use case 2: People Team

Would like to have Read and Write access to all stakeholder data, but restricted access to investor transactions and the cap table.

  • To enable "Manage stakeholders", which gives access rights to add or edit stakeholders, access to "All" stakeholder data is required.

  • You can also limit access to a sub-group of stakeholders by selecting the property Group: Employees. For this option, the role can View but not Manage stakeholder information.

  • Furthermore, granular controls can be added by expanding each section via the drop-down panel:

Use case 3: Team leads (access to only their team)

Would like to have Read and Write access to only members of their teams.

  • By restricting data access to only selected stakeholders, custom roles can be created for team leads to manage relevant stakeholders and their transactions within a larger team.

What happens when the collaborator only has access to selected stakeholders?

If the collaborator has the rights to View or Manage ownership, the section will be presented with anonymised data, which means the distribution remains visible with only the relevant stakeholder information:

Can I add or change custom roles after assigning them to collaborators?

Yes, you can! We know that roles have to be flexible to some extent; you can easily change the assigned roles of collaborators in Company Settings > Collaborators > Three dot button beside each collaborator name.

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