Stakeholders can belong to groups that you can define on the Stakeholders page.

You can also create custom fields for each stakeholder and, with that, define further subgroups that they belong to.

You can then share information with people belonging to these groups and custom fields.

Sharing with Groups and Custom fields

You can share documents, reports, and KPIs with a whole group of stakeholders at once.

  1. In the "Sharing" field of the KPIs section (Investor Relations > KPIs > Settings), or in the Updates section (Investor Relations > Updates > Settings), select the defined Group or the defined Custom field.

  2. Click Save


  • These groups are dynamic, which means that every time you add a stakeholder to a group, the information shared with the group will automatically be shared with that stakeholder.

  • If you remove a stakeholder from a group, they will also lose access to the shared information.

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