Creating a pool

You can allocate shares for your employee participation plans by creating a Pool in the "Pools & Plans" section

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How to create a pool?

  1. Go to Equity Plans > Pools & Plans page.

  2. A pool (e.g. 1000 Common shares) should be created before plans (e.g. Options, Warrants) are added.

  3. Click on the "Add pool" button in the top right corner and fill out the relevant fields. All Plans linked to a single pool will have the underlying share class defined at this stage (this can be changed at any point).

  4. You can create multiple pools to accommodate different share classes.

  5. It is optional to upload documents or add an internal note in relation to the pool creation. This can also be added at a later stage.

  6. Click Save.


What is the difference between Authorized capital and Reserved shares?

  • Authorized Capital: Shares that are authorized, but not yet issued in the company. They are included in the fully diluted column, but not in the issued or voting shares cap table columns. They will be issued when exercising grants from the pool.

  • Reserved Shares: Shares that have already been issued to a stakeholder and are now reserved for the pool. They will be transferred when exercising grants from the pool.

I have EMI and non-EMI plans for UK employees, as well as a Phantom plan for German employees. They draw from the same pool. How should I set up the Pool and Plans?

  • Pool: Since your employee plans draw from a single pool, you can create a single pool from Authorized Capital.

  • Plans: Plans are linked to the instrument (i.e. Grant Type: EMI, Option, Phantom). You can create three plans and indicate the same pool in the "From Pool" field. For each of the Plans, select the relevant Grant Type. Find out more here.

My employee pool began with 5000 shares. An additional 1000 shares were added at the next fundraiser. How should I record this transaction?

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