From a selected pool, you can create one or more plans to differentiate grant types (options, phantoms, EMI, etc), define grant presets per plan, among others.

How to create a plan?

  1. Go to the Equity Plans > Pools & Plans page.

  2. A pool (e.g. 1000 Common shares) should be created before plans (e.g. Options, Warrants) are added.

  3. Click on the "Add plan" button in the top right corner, and a new window will appear.

  4. Fill out the relevant fields, such as the "Plan name", the "Date" of creation of the plan, from which Pool it draws grants, and the "Grant type" (learn more about Grant types).

  5. Optionally, click on Grant presets to define the Plan's preset parameters (learn more about Grant presets).

  6. Click Save.


How do I differentiate between a pool and a plan?

I have EMI and non-EMI plans for UK employees, as well as a Phantom plan for German employees. They draw from the same authorized amount of shares.

  • Pool: Pools refer to the amount of shares allocated for employee plans, regardless of instruments used.
    You can have one or many pools, with each set to a different underlying share class. Since your employee plans draw from the same authorized amount of shares, you can set up a single pool.

  • Plans: Plans are linked to the instrument (i.e. Grant Type: EMI, Option, Phantom). You can create three plans linked to the same pool by designating the "From Pool" field. For each of the Plans, select the relevant Grant Type.

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