The portfolio performance dashboard gives investors an at-a-glance overview of the key portfolio numbers like cash inflow, outflow, diluted percentage, IRR, and multiple.

How the numbers are computed

  • Currencies: Currencies are converted from the respective company currencies to your portfolio currency at today's exchange rate. These rates are updated once a day.

  • Diluted (%): This is the fully-diluted ownership in this company. Dilution factors can be equity plans or other approved share pools.

  • Investment: Your investment, including convertibles, shares you bought during a financing round, or through a secondary.

  • Proceeds: The cash you received back, including secondary sales, convertible payback, or dividend payout.

  • Value: Current value estimate, including owned shares at the latest valuation, proceeds, and outstanding convertibles. Convertibles are counted with their principal amount.

  • IRR: Yearly internal rate of return, which Ledgy calculates from cash in- and outflows. All cash flows described above in Investment and Proceeds are counted. Outstanding shares are taken into account as if they were sold today at the latest valuation.

  • Multiple: Current multiple estimates, calculated as Value/Investment.

Adjust the view of the dashboard

By clicking on the Edit view button, you can change the grouping and the visible columns, to adapt the dashboard to your needs. Save the new view so you can quickly access your customized grid view.

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