How do I issue shares?

Learn how to create shares in your cap table and what settings you can make.

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How to issue shares one by one?

  1. Go to Ownership > Transactions

  2. At the top, click on the button Add transactions > Other transactions > Issue Shares

  3. A window will open, and you can define the details of the share issuance transaction.

    1. The necessary fields:

      • Stakeholder: Select the name of the stakeholder or legal entity from the drop-down menu. You can also create a new stakeholder by typing the name.

      • Date: The date when you issue the shares.

      • Number of shares: Enter the amount of shares that you want to create.

      • Share class: Select an existing share class from the drop-down menu or create a new one by typing in a new share class name.

      • Price paid per share class: Enter the effective share price paid by the investor.

      • Currency: The currency used for the investment. If the currency differs from the account's base currency, then you must define the exchange rate.

      • Exchange rate (optional): Enter the exchange rate from your account's base currency.

    2. The optional fields

      • Share certificates: Enter the certificate ID so you can integrate the ID into your share certificate when you use the document certificate workflow.

      • Document templating and signature workflow: Activate the respective toggles if you want to create a transaction document(s) from templates and prepare signature requests for the same transaction documents. To learn more about how to use workflow automation, read our article.

      • Reverse vesting: Add a reverse vesting schedule. On the Type field, select Time (simple), Time (custom), or Performance, and fill out the relevant fields.

      • Stakeholder beneficiary: A beneficiary is an economic beneficiary behind a legal entity. You can view the cap table regarding legal or economic distribution if beneficiaries are set. This can also be used in Ledgy to manage pooled investments.

      • Internal note: If you want to add any note related to the transaction

  4. Press the Save button to create the share issuance transaction finally.

How to issue shares in bulk?

  1. Go to Ownership > Transactions

  2. At the top, click on the Import button > Select the "Share issuance" template.

  3. This allows you to download an Excel template that you can populate, save, and drop into the data upload box below.

  4. Start the import process by clicking on the Import now button.

How do you edit share issuance transactions?

  1. Go to Ownership > Transactions

  2. Search for the share issuance transaction, click the three dots, and then on Edit.

  3. This allows you to make changes in the share issuance transaction.

  4. Click on the Save button to confirm the adjustments.

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