Ledgy regularly provides you with relevant information about your equities, for example, when your grants vest or informative updates from your company.

But no one likes a clogged inbox, and sometimes we just need a break from getting too much information about everything that's going on.

At Ledgy, we don't want to spam you, so we have already optimized the amount and quality of notifications you receive. Still, if you absolutely want not to get any emails about what's happening in your Company's account, you can easily turn off notifications.

How to manage email notifications

To disable email notifications, click on your Profile's name in the top right corner of any ledgy page. From the menu that opens, you are able to access the page "Settings".


In the top right, you can see the box Notification Preferences. Just turn off the toggle, hit confirm, and you're done! You won't receive any unnecessary communication.


Note: Account owners will still be notified for important changes to the account, for example, if another Admin requests to publish transactions or someone updates their user email. This is only to make sure no major change is implemented without the Owner's knowledge or approval.

If you have any issues with email notifications, please feel free to reach out to [email protected].

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