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How can I publish transactions?
How can I publish transactions?

How to safely publish drafts and notify stakeholders.

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Once you've added stakeholders and transactions and set up your Ledgy account, the last thing to do before actually inviting your stakeholders to Ledgy is to hit the Publish button.

Publishing all transactions updates the dashboard of stakeholders you have invited or will invite. Until you publish, stakeholders won’t see their stake, so make sure you publish before inviting.

Note: Stakeholders won’t see their stakes in their employee dashboards until you publish the corresponding transactions, so check if you have published them!

You can do so by clicking the Publish button at the top right of your Ownership > Transactions page.

Note: Hitting the Publish button will not publish all your transactions immediately. You will first have a chance to review all the drafts, as well as to decide if you want to invite and notify your stakeholders.

If this is the first time you're publishing transactions, a modal will pop up. You'll be able to invite stakeholders (who haven't yet) to Ledgy. You can do so either individually or by group.

If you already have published transactions and have now added some drafts and want to publish these, in the "Review and publish transactions" modal, you'll be able to go over the changes and review the drafts you're about to publish.

Available functionality

Selective Publishing

  • To publish transactions, simply click on “Publish” on the Transaction page.

  • The modal you will see now will allow you to select which transactions you wish to publish. You can select or deselect one by one using the checkboxes next to each transaction or in bulk using the select and deselect checkbox in the header column.

  • Once you have finalized your selection, click on "Publish selection" to complete the publishing process.

Once you click "Publish selection", your drafts will become visible to stakeholders who have been invited to Ledgy.


  • To make it easier to find transactions you want to publish, you can sort any of the columns. This way, you can easily arrange the list by transaction dates, sequence numbers or stakeholders.


  • We added a search box to facilitate searching for stakeholders by name, sequence number or transaction type such as: option, payout, etc.


The following is a list of functionality that is currently unavailable.

Detailed Warnings

  • While performing selective publishing, if your selection is invalid, a warning will be displayed. However, at this time, the details of the warning will not be available in the selective publishing modal.

Performance Conditions

  • Selective Publishing is currently not compatible with Performance Conditions. If you have added or modified any Performance Conditions, the Publish modal will revert to the old publish all workflow. To work around this issue, you can reset the Performance Conditions.


Can I reset the changes I made in my cap table?

On the Transactions page, you can also reset all drafts by clicking on the Reset button next to Publish button. This will also open a modal well you’ll be able to review the changes before resetting them.

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