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How can I create a signature requests and invite stakeholders to sign documents
How can I create a signature requests and invite stakeholders to sign documents

Within Ledgy, you can request for signatures and digitally sign documents.

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Within Ledgy, you can request for signatures and digitally sign documents. This article will explain the workflow needed to invite stakeholders and address some of the most frequently asked questions.

Creating a signature request

  1. Go to Documents > Signatures

  2. Click New signature in the upper right corner

  3. Select a document from the list or upload a new one by clicking on Upload

  4. Add people who should sign from the "Who should sign" list

    Note: Only natural stakeholders (not legal entities) can be invited to sign a document. You can add a contact person of a legal entity in the stakeholders list to invite them to sign on behalf of the legal entity.

  5. Select Ledgy the Signature provider

    Note: You can also select Skribble or DocuSign.

  6. Select legal quality of your signature

    Note: If Skribble is selected as the signature provider, Ledgy will advise you to add the missing information to your stakeholders. For example, for the standard electronic signature (SES), you only need to specify the name and email of a stakeholder and for the advanced electronic signatures (AES) their mobile phone number and nationality have to be added as well.

    Note: To learn more about legal quality of signatures, check the help article on Legal basis for the validity of digital signatures in Europe.

Click Save draft

Note: The document size should not exceed 1 MB.

Invite stakeholders to sign the document

  1. Go to Documents > Signatures

  2. If the status bar indicates "Ready to start" and no adjustments in the stakeholder data are needed, proceed to step 3.

    Note: You can only edit the stakeholder fields before the signature request is sent.

    If the status bar indicates "Missing information" or you need to edit your stakeholder data:

    1. Clicking on the Edit button or Three dot menu > Edit will open an "Edit signature" window

    2. Within the window, click on the Edit stakeholders button

    3. Specify the needed fields in the "Bulk Import & Edit Stakeholders" window opens, and click Save

    4. Click Save draft in the "Edit signature" window

  3. To request signatures for a specific document, click on the Invite button in the document row > Confirm.

    If you wish to initiate signing process for multiple documents, select the documents, click on Invite in the bottom right corner > Confirm invites.

    Note: Once you start the signing process you can’t cancel the signature invitation. You can only delete the signature request, which will then grey out the signature request on the stakeholder's dashboard indicating "Deleted by Company". This is only possible if not all parties have signed yet. If all parties have signed, you can delete the signature from the signatures page and from the documents, however, the stakeholder will still have this document in their dashboard.


How do I know who signed the document?

The status bar will indicate the current number of signatures. Placing the cursor over the icon will give you the names of the stakeholders that have been either invited or signed already.

What happens if I delete a document after requesting signatures?

  • If the signing was not completed:

    The invitees will still see the badge indicating that the signing process for a document was attempted. However, they will not be able to download the actual document.

  • If the signing was completed:

    The document is removed from the signatures list of the company. The signers still have access to it.

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