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Viewing portfolio as Stakeholders
Viewing portfolio as Stakeholders

You can preview your stakeholder's dashboard to check what your stakeholders will see.

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Testing what a stakeholder sees when invited to Ledgy:

Once you have set up your company on Ledgy, you would like to see what your stakeholder will see once they sign up:

  1. Go to the Stakeholders page

  2. Hover over the stakeholder whose Dashboard you would like to preview

  3. Click on the Three Dot Menu > View as Stakeholder

Following these steps, you'll be re-directed to view your stakeholder's dashboard. At the top, you'll see a blue banner indicating whose dashboard you're currently viewing.

You can still edit the stakeholder access levels

When inviting the stakeholder, you would have granted their portfolio access level, either as only 'Personal stake' or 'Full Cap Table'. You can always change the Portfolio access levels at any time.

Before rolling out, we further suggest inviting yourself (i.e., a user with Owner or Admin access of the company on Ledgy) and a few other members of the company to Portfolio access, so that you'll be able to fully explore your own Portfolio Dashboard and have a preview of what the stakeholders will experience.

Most common problems and solutions

I've clicked on the "View as stakeholder" button, but I see an empty dashboard

This is likely because:

  • The stakeholder is not involved in any of the existing transactions

  • If a stakeholder is not involved in any transaction, their Portfolio will not show any data. Suppose there is any data or transaction that needs to be added for the stakeholder. In that case, you may return to your company page, add the relevant transactions, publish them, and then click once again on the "View as stakeholder" button, to see their Stakeholder Dashboard.

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